Single page site promoting web design/publishing tool or service with picture of random American or North European design team office. Alternatively, a mountain line or anything coffee-related.

Value proposition

Spelled out in 3 to 7 points, each designed as a 100 percent height block with minimal text. Semi-relevant photographic background on every other block. Optimal scrolling experience enhanced through scripts.

Feature highlights

Vertically arranged list of full-width feature highlights, with faintly related monochrome iconography on one side and heading and paragraph on the other. Create attention-maintaining irregularity through alternating picture side.

Design guidelines

Make use of Flat and Typography. White space comes free of charge and will result in a professional look that does not feel enterprisey. For maximum visual impact and touch-awareness, button height should be equal to the average adult’s thumb width times the Golden Ratio.


Either say “we” and “you”, or avoid pronouns altogether and use a verb + object structure everywhere. Say “now” to drive user acquisition when talking about future events, as in “Sign up now to get early access”.